• Testimonials

  • My husband and I were completely impressed by Maintenance Solutions and their team. We had several projects that needed to be done. They were able to knock them out within a couple of days! They were professional and the end results were stunning. We would highly recommend them for anyone needing home repair or maintenance services

    Sarah Jane

  • Maintenance Solutions are the answer to everyone's prayers, especially the DIY challenged like myself. They're efficient, reliable, well-priced, trustworthy & deeply friendly.

    Candice Patterson

  • Absolutely first class, Maintenance Solutions are always on time, do an excellent job and work quietly and efficiently at all times with a minimum of fuss.

    Michael Clifford

  • The service was great, John was lovely and although I gave him an endless list that I thought he would never finish, he did and I had to think up more.

    Suzy Brown

  • Efficient, friendly, professional. Maintenance Solutions is the perfect service for an often-absent husband.

    Margaret R. Salzman

  • Being a landlord is more than a full time job, and I have used Maintenance Solutions on a regular basis to alleviate the workload off of myself. I am always confident that when I check their work, it will be done better than I would have done it myself. I can’t express how much this trust and peace of mind helps my busy work schedule.

    Bob Whitaker