• Latest Projects

  • Project 4 Trash Out

    If you need a small area cleaned or an entire house emptied we can help you. Here we received a phone call from a first time customer needing a home cleared out of all house hold items. This was the first step our customer needed to take before he could begin renovation. He called the right people and this is how we handled their needs. The property was first walked with our new client to discuss exactly what they desired. For this client it was short and sweet. Everything was to be cleared out [...]

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    Project 2 Pressure Washing

    Assessing what type of staining has accrued is our first step before pressure washing. Usually this is decided by the surface type and area it’s located. For example a smooth garage with a couple oil stains is a different beast than a discolored sidewalk. The type of detergents, degreasers and type of pressure washer are all items taken into consideration. Once we have established what type of stain we are dealing with we can break out the right tools. For something as simple as weather stains[...]

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    Project 3 Home Maintenance

    A customer reported a great deal of moisture from underneath the house. Once we were on site multiple leaks throughout the crawlspace plumbing were discovered. Step one was to stop all the leaks. This required some new PVC and sealant. The second thing we noticed was rain water markings still damp that showed storm water was flooding the crawlspace. We took a day to open up the area, set fans in place to dry out existing moisture then proceeded to spray a kilz to help with weathering and smell. [...]

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