• Home Maintenance



    Typically we can resolve any maintenance request within 4 days. Our turnover time is very fast compared to similar companies. If there is an issue behind the mailbox we can solve it.

    The Turnover Department is superfast and keeps the budget low. Our clients are typically looking for quality without spending an arm and a leg. Here at Sound Solutions, we feel there is a happy medium for reaching that exact goal.

    The Turnkey Division, WOW. These guys rip the homes apart and put them back together faster than the TV Shows.  No kidding , all you will need to do is turn the utilities on and get out of the way. Our superintendents will hold to the budget and keep the project on schedule.



    We offer a vast array of maintenance services. Our team of experienced professionals exceed the handy man mentality, and deliver a product or result that is on time and suitable for any style home. Our services are so diverse, we can literally offer a “one stop shop”. By hiring one company to take care of multiple projects benefits you by

    • eliminating multiple, confusing estimates
    • dealing with contractors who are unreliable
    • saving you money on multiple projects
    • streamlining the process of home repair or maintenance services

    When you see that it’s time to replace that rotting wood, give us a call. We offer maintenance services on all major trades of your home.

    • Plumbing issues? No problem! We can fix or replace pipes or fixtures.
    • Sheetrock damage? We love sheetrock, and our work is amazing
    • Paint cracking? Let us put a fresh coat on the wall for you AND we will caulk up all the cracks for FREE!
    • Door Issues? If you doors have swollen and they are having a hard time closing we are glad to adjust them and make them click with ease. Is there too much of a gap around the door? We offer maintenance services there too. Doors & windows are a big part of our book of business. We are happy to help you update, insulate, fix or replace.

    From full panel replacement to simply changing a hard to reach light bulb, our electrical team is ready to brighten up your day. Call or bookonline now to schedule maintenance services.

    Our service area covers the fifteen counties that surround the Atlanta area. By providing maintenance services to such a wide area we are able to lower the prices for our service.