• Home Inspection

  • Move-In & Move-Out Inspections


    As a new owner, you may need to walk through the home with your new tenant to point out items they will not be held them accountable for. For example, perhaps a small crack in the wall that is only cosmetic but will not be addressed.

    The move in walk through inspection ensures that both owner and tenant understand the condition of the home and is documented in writing at that time in order to protect both parties. The owner may choose to have the issues addressed or not. Either way, this type of inspection is a very good idea for both the moving in and moving out processes. We recommend the inspection take place within six months after signing the lease as well. Often a new tenant may not even realize damage of the home is occurring, or something might have been missed during the first walk through, such as functionality of a kitchen drawer, or damage inside a closet. This inspection process helps protect your asset, your peace of mind, and the ongoing relationship with your tenants.


    As a new tenant, the inspection process is crucial. This provides an opportunity to have any issues noted and documented to protect the tenant from being charged for the damage. The inspection also provides an opportunity to get the landlord to address any issues they may not be aware of. Most landlords are happy to please, so the move in inspection is a wonderful opportunity to have pesky issues fixed before the home is fully unpacked and there is no room to work. When the time comes to move out, We recommend a move out inspection to show the landlord the condition the home is being left in. The move out inspection provides proof, through photos and documentation of how the home is upon move out. This is the best way to get your deposit back.


    In my past experiences, our clients and customers are very grateful for both the Move-In & Move-Out Inspections. We have developed a process to provide time stamped photos and formal documentation at an affordable rate. These inspections are worth their weight in gold, yet affordable for both tenant and landlord. Contact our office today to schedule your inspection. You may call us directly or email us at any time.