• About Us

  • Maintenance Solutions was founded on October 1st in 2013. We came to the table with years of experience from the single family homes world. The opportunity to start something new and fresh was needed. We found a need to offer our services to property owners as well as homeowners abroad. The idea that we could fix pesky items as well as the common issues that arise from general wear and tear seemed to be a good thing. The best part about our business model is that we know how to meet the needs of an individual. We understand that not all clients can be home during business hours for servicing. We know that an accurate appointment time is very helpful, so our client can make use of the day accordingly. We value our time as well as yours.

  • Heath Hoke- (CEO/COO)

    Client relations / Head of Operations

  • Christian Warnock – (Operations support / Analyst)

    Budgets, Infield in house operations, Marketing, HR.

  • Debbie McKenna - (Operations Coordinator)

    Schedule work orders and manages a team of Maintenance Technicians

  • Tammy Gay (Reception / Support Operations Coordinator)

    Your First point of contact, Customer support, Operations scheduling, Book keeping.

  • Brittany Hoke (Accounting)

    Billing, Payroll, Book keeping, Client Relations.