• Project 4 Trash Out

  • If you need a small area cleaned or an entire house emptied we can help you. Here we received a phone call from a first time customer needing a home cleared out of all house hold items. This was the first step our customer needed to take before he could begin renovation. He called the right people and this is how we handled their needs.

    The property was first walked with our new client to discuss exactly what they desired. For this client it was short and sweet. Everything was to be cleared out to the last tooth pick on the floor.  Step one we ordered two 40yd dumpsters estimating this would be plenty. Once dumpsters were in place we went in with a 2 man crew to remove all items in one day. No matter if its trash or even what some might consider valuables, we do not waste our time and primarily yours by picking through items and or trash. We keep a steady and respectable pace.

    Before and after photos are taken for record purposes. After all debris are removed and after photos taken we scheduled dumpster pick up. Customer is notified same day as completion. If the job is completed after normal business office hours they are notified first thing the following morning. After our customer is happy and we have help up our end we can accept payment a method of way from card to mailing you an invoice.