• Project 3 Home Maintenance

  • A customer reported a great deal of moisture from underneath the house. Once we were on site multiple leaks throughout the crawlspace plumbing were discovered. Step one was to stop all the leaks. This required some new PVC and sealant. The second thing we noticed was rain water markings still damp that showed storm water was flooding the crawlspace. We took a day to open up the area, set fans in place to dry out existing moisture then proceeded to spray a kilz to help with weathering and smell.

    Once the area was dry, painted, sealed, and moisture free, gravel was laid to build a stopper. Gravel provides a mud free walkway as well. Along with that we added a French drain around side of house to route water away from foundation. This keeps water moving and avoids still water build ups which is a main cause of basement flooding and moisture. The area is now dry, fresh and leak free.