• Project 2 Pressure Washing

  • Assessing what type of staining has accrued is our first step before pressure washing. Usually this is decided by the surface type and area it’s located. For example a smooth garage with a couple oil stains is a different beast than a discolored sidewalk. The type of detergents, degreasers and type of pressure washer are all items taken into consideration.

    Once we have established what type of stain we are dealing with we can break out the right tools. For something as simple as weather stains on a drive way or side walk we lay a light degreaser. Then we coat the entire area with commercial soap. We let sit for a few minutes than pressure wash away all stains. For the hard to get spots we will scrub it right then and there to ensure a clean and respectable final product.

    Maintenance Solutions can pressure wash things like siding, driveways, porches, gutters, garage doors, and just about anything you desire we have done it and we know the protocol. If you need something brought back to life pressure washing is a great start

    Once the area was dry, painted, sealed, and moisture free, gravel was laid to build a stopper. Gravel provides a mud free walkway as well. Along with that we added a French drain around side of house to route water away from foundation. This keeps water moving and avoids still water build ups which is a main cause of basement flooding and moisture. The area is now dry, fresh and leak free.